Our philosophy on Mossala Island

real_estate_02We celebrate Nature.

We are moved and inspired by Nature, endlessly touched by its beauty, and we are deeply concerned about its growing fragility in today’s world. Being consciously grateful for everything Mother Nature generously provides us with, from the air we breathe and the food we eat to resources we use for building and energy generation, we treat it with highest respect and we hope that you share this vision with us.

Nature educates us, being a model for modern human innovation and research. The feeling of gratitude is fundamental to us, and it lies in our approach to everything that we do here at Mossala Island Resort.

“Nature is our home. We are all part of it – we are all responsible for it!”

nature_mini_01_400pxTaking these natural assets into account as crucial benefit to us all and as main backbone of the entire tourism industry including our island resort, to us sustainable and responsible behaviour isn’t just logic consequence; it is an attitude to life! Nature is our playground and we are consciously part of it. Thus we care for and look after it!
We are aware of the fact that our own and others’ living, business operations, mobility and travelling behaviour, diet, purchasing, etc. have a crucial impact on the planet.

In our opinion, the active protection and conservation of nature and the preservation of clean and sound conditions for future generations, should be concern to all of us as a long-term human well being and economic success depend on an unpolluted and unexploited natural environment.

Thus we do care about an appropriate behaviour of our locals, guests, employees and supply chain partners as well.

nature_mini_02_400pxWe welcome the improving efforts worldwide to protect the global environment that we all share.

To us, a holistic management includes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a matter of course. Therefore we are striving for constant improvement in this regard.

What do we do to operate ecologically-friendly?

  • We pursue a sustainable usage of all natural, particularly the non-renewable resources.
  • We save energy and water.
  • We follow the 3R principle and reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever possible, and we compost organic waste.
  • We avoid materialism and unnecessary luxury. Instead we are striving for the preservation of nature and all its gifts as the truly holistic and sustainable luxury for our bodies, minds, and souls.
  • We generally comply with local legal provisions (e.g. fishing) and try to do more.
  • We use only local materials for our buildings, and we predominantly adapt buildings to nature and not the other way round.
  • Food in our restaurant is as seasonal and regional as possible (logistically feasible).

What do we do moreover regarding our socio-cultural responsibility?

We care about the wellbeing of all the people involved in or affected by our tourism business (locals, guests, employees, supply chain partners).

  • Safety and Security of our guests and employees is paramount to us.
  • We are a family-friendly resort that also welcomes your pets.
    We have barrier-free access to our restaurant and to some of the offered accommodation.
  • We make sure that the local residents around us are principally integrated into our planning and decision-making: we respect and address their interests.
  • We want the locals to be able to maintain their traditional customs and cultures: we promote authenticity because of its priceless value for a tourism destination, individuality and uniqueness.

Goals for the future

Since we are always striving for self-improvement, the below listed CSR-initiatives are some examples of our current goals for the future:

  • Optimisation of our environmental management and performance
    (e.g. implementing according policy and systems, renewable energies, recycling system).
  • Implement and promote the compensation of our own, our suppliers and guests carbon footprint (CO2-emissions).
  • Extension of the existing cultural and educative offers (integration of locals).