Fishing around Mossala Island Resort

Fishing on and around the island is an awesome experience for the whole family. We offer our guests a couple of boats to go fishing wherever you want to. We also offer fishing trips and so on. And if you’re lucky you can see one of the eagles flying around while enjoying the stunning landscape of Mossala.

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Well-stocked waters are all you need for a perfect fishing trip…

Pike, trout, zander, Baltic whitefish, bass, plaice and other types of fish can all be caught in over 3,600 hectares of water. The Mossala angling club stocks the sea with young pike, zander and whitefish each year.

The prize catch in the skerries is the pike, and catching one of these will be a treasured and valuable memory to last you a lifetime. The sea trout is a much desired catch for many anglers. This silver prince among fishes can provide you with angling delight if you spend your holiday here in the right season and have the necessary fishing skills. The bass is a fascinating quarry for competitive angling in the archipelago, and there really is a lot to catch, with bass weighing over 2 kg caught every year. You could equally catch a large bream or fat tench as your trophy. The Baltic herring and plaice are ideal for rod fishing in winter or summer alike. The inner waters of the archipelago are ideal for catching zander, while the winter months provide good biting for burbot, a favourite fish for many anglers.

While the well-stocked fish and the wide variety is marvellous, there are of course technical skills and knowledge that you need for sport fishing, such as where and when you can be sure of catching something. At first this can be harder than it seems. All you need is a little experience. Build up an understanding of how different fish behave in different wind conditions, or when the current is strong, or if the temperature fluctuates, and at what depth each kind of fish can be found.

Pike, trout and Baltic whitefish bite best in early spring, immediately after the ice melts or in autumn, when the water is at its purest and clearest.

You can smoke your catch or barbecue it.

We look forward to welcoming you and your friends!

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There are three types of fishing license in Finland:

  • State license (payment of special government tax to restore fish stocks)
  • Regional tax (payment for fishing with bait)
  • Permission from the owners of the water

Fishing with a rod or bottom line (winter rod with spoonbait) for anglers of any age needs no special permission.

Fishing with a spinning rod (one fishing rod, one spinnerbait) for persons under 18 or over 65 requires no state or regional fishing license. Other anglers must purchase a state license. If the water is privately owned then permission must be granted by the owner, otherwise the regional tax must be paid.

All licenses are named. The receipt of payment must contain the dates the license starts and expires, as well as the surname of the person granted the license. You must carry the receipt of payment with you whenever you go fishing and present it to a fishing inspector as soon as you are asked to do so.

The regional license entitles you to fish within the limits of the specific region as long as you are using one fishing rod, one reel and artificial bait. When fishing with passive gear, for example fish traps or cast nets, as well as spinning rods with more than one attachment, permission is always required from the owner of the fishing rights (this applies even to people under 18 and over 65).

The regional license does not entitle you to fish in rivers where there is salmon and Baltic whitefish, or in specialized fishing reservoirs such as Lakes Istuta and Ongi. There are nature reserves in the archipelago as well where there are signs on the shore advising that in line with Article N 8 of the Angling Law, fishing is strictly forbidden. There may be additional reserves closed off in the future. When fishing, you must be attentive and understand whether or not you are catching fish in a permitted location. This is your responsibility, as ignorance of the law does not exonerate you. Additional information about the nature reserves can be obtained from the fishing department at the Employment and Economic Development Office. Tel: +358-2-2661529.

The law also specifies that fishing, or the positioning of fishing tackle, must be at least 50 metres from the prohibiting notice. Even in waters where fishing is permitted, the anglers must not impede the passage of water transport, boats, ships, etc., nor impede people passing along the shore or jetties, nor interfere with the normal activities of residents of the archipelago or people with holiday homes. Common courtesy dictates that if your fishing causes someone living on the shore to approach you to clarify the situation then you are too close to that person’s shore and, after a polite exchange of greetings, you should comply with the fisherman’s noble tradition of moving to a different site to fish. Please respect the tranquility of those holidaying and living in the archipelago!

Important information:

You have to pay the license in our office. Please infom our staff during reservation that you’re interested to buy a fishing license. For the license you have to bring your ID and we need you day of birth.

A. Cost of permission from the owner of the stretch of water to be fished with spinning rod with one spinnerbait:

1 day 6 €
1 week 15 €
1 year 45€

For each license you need to pay 3€ extra as a service charge.

Minimum size of fish that can be caught are as follows:
Salmon: 60 cm
Trout: 40 cm, recommendation 50 cm
Zander: 37 cm
Pike: recommendation 40 cm
Happy fishing, but make sure you have a license and are at a permitted site!