The way to the island

Getting to this hidden place where all the daily turmoil is left behind is easy! The closest airport is Turku Airport, located in Finland’s oldest town. Once arrived there, you’re already at the outset of the world’s largest archipelago. Take 5 ferries, which are free of charge in this area and you arrive on Mossala within 3 hours. If you don’t dawdle, the trip will take you 4.5 hours from Central Helsinki. Please take a look at the directions in the text below.

We recommend the trip by car or bike, but also point out that an arrival by public transportation or exclusive transfer is possible. Please contact us for further information regarding this topic.

Enjoy the ride through the islands and hopping to your final destination in the heart of the Archipelago.

Your Mossala Island Resort team

Check the map and discover the amazing way through and over the islands to Mossala!

Take the E18 road from Helsinki in the direction of Turku, then leave at Exit 6, signposted for “Kaarina, Parainen, Korpo”, and then turn left onto road No. 180.

About 25 minutes later, in the town of Parainen, go straight over the roundabout, taking the second exit.

Follow road No. 180 for a further 10-15 minutes, until you arrive at the first ferry.

Please check the timetables of the ferries online!

Timetable ferries 12.05.2023 - 03.09.2023

Website ferries

The rules for boarding ferries are always the same: wait in the lane furthest to the right. Once the cars on board the ferry have disembarked, the barrier goes up and you drive on board, stopping where the member of staff directs you. Please note that the ferries all follow timetables.

You will leave the ferry on the island of Nauvo and continue your journey along road No. 180 for about another 25 minutes. If you need to do any shopping or fill up with petrol then the village of Nauvo, which is about halfway along the road across this island, is a suitable place to do so.

The next ferry will be waiting for you at Pärnäs. The ferry crossing takes about 5 minutes.

Leaving the ferry, continue along road No. 180 until the turning on the right for "Houtskär, Aland, Norrskata". This is approximately 8 minutes along the road.

In Galtby you will need to catch another ferry for Houtskär. Remember to take the furthest right lane in the queue! This ferry is the longest crossing of the journey - approximately 30 minutes. Coffee or hot chocolate can be purchased from a vending machine in the lounge on Deck Number 2.

When you leave the ferry at Houtskär, take road No. 1800. Make sure not to miss the left turning for Mossala at Tråsk.

There will be two more small ferry crossings on your route. Don’t worry if the ferry is on the opposite shore. These ferries all work round the clock without a timetable and go to whichever shore has cars arriving.

Once you are on the island of Mossala, travel along road No. 1800 until you arrive at Mossala Island Resort.

If you don’t dawdle, your journey time will be:

•    from the centre of Helsinki – approximately 4.5 hours

Have a good trip!