Stand-up-Paddling between the islands

Stand-up-Paddling or just SUP is a quickly growing sport that is famous all over the world. Well we don’t have waves on Mossala but with our SUP’s you get to know an amazing way of discovering the shallow coastline of Mossala. In harmony with mother nature combined with Yoga or as a rowing regatta the SUP offers you amazing possibilities on the water. Alone or together with your family. An awesome experience at Mossala Island Resort!



This year we like to welcome you with the latest SUP boards of Jobe. Select the board that fits your style:

  •   JOBE Aero SUP Yoga in 10’6 ( The board for the early or late Yoga session on the water )
  •   JOBE AERO SUP 10’6 ( The allround board for beginners and intermediates )
  •   JOBE AERO SUP 12’6 ( The perfect board for a trip through the islands )

Boards are just available in limited numbers. Make a reservation to assure that you get your daily dose of fun on the water!