About Mossala Island Resort

Located in the heart of Finland’s southwestern Archipelago National Park, Mossala Island Resort offers you a worldwide unique retreat for body, mind and soul.
It is a sanctuary of pure relaxation among over 20.000 islands and simultaneously a great place for adventurous outdoor activities and the exploration of the wild around and within yourself.
Whether you wish to escape everyday life or the hustle and bustle of today’s modern cities in order to take a deep breath and enjoy silence or spend inspiring time with your family or friends; whether you might be longing for romantic moments during sunset hours or around a campfire or you are an outdoor or sports enthusiast who is always on the hunt for nature-based action.
During the last five years we’ve been putting lots of thoughts, energy, love and commitment into enhancing the island’s former leisure centre from the 1970’s and establishing today’s eco-friendly Mossala Island Resort to ensure you a holistic and sustainable  tourism experience – a stay that makes you feel better all-round afterwards.

“Treat yourself – enjoy pristine natural environment and create your individual adventure!”

We provide a wide range of cosy wooden huts, cabins and lodges of different grades , optionally including in-house sauna or a private fireplace directly at the waterfront or carefully embedded into Mossala’s afforested northeastern headland.

Some of you may also like to reside in our exclusive luxury lodge or prefer to be guest on our fully equipped camping or caravan site.

“It’s up to you – home is where your heart is!”

The friendly team at our sea view bar and restaurant always looks forward to pampering your taste buds with delicious food and drinks. If you are travelling or simply day tripping by boat, you are most welcome to consider mooring it securely in our Marina.
At Mossala Island Resort, it is Mother Nature that is main playground for a great variety of activities.

Re-activate your inner strengths, challenge yourself physically and treat your body by practising various water sports in a breath-taking setting.

Alternatively, you can explore the island and archipelago on adventurous muscle-driven trips on water or land. Test your precision and have a try at our very scenic and free of charge discgolf course or volleyball field. Recharge your batteries and treat your mind and soul by combining relaxation and adventure on an explorative boat trip or fishing tour.

Go on a soothing hike through Mossala’s lush green forest and you might return with some tasty wild herbs, mushrooms or berries - perfect for refining your freshly caught fish at a BBQ-session right in front of your lodge.
There are loads of great sport, fun and leisure opportunities for everyone at Mossala Island Resort and we are yet about to ensure that there will be many more to be experienced by you in the future.

“Escape everyday life  – you deserve it!”

The Southwestern Archipelago National Park is part of the Archipelago Sea and Archipelago Biosphere Reserve (www.skargardshavetsbiosfaromrade.fi).

The goal of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme is to develop the living conditions of the area's inhabitants while maintaining the protection of nature and the environment.