News and event’s on Mossala Island Resort

We like to inform you about everything which is happening on and around Mossala! In the near future we will add an event calendar where you get a good overview on all upcoming events. For now we’re starting with an overview on the most important upcoming dates on Mossala! Stay tuned for further information.


While everybody else is getting ready for Christmas, we are working hard to get ready for the next season. Check our events calendar and stay with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

NEWS 01.04.2016

Saariston Lomakeskus Oy becomes Mossala Island Resort !


During the last 6 months we worked on a rebranding of our resort. The first step is our new website with beautiful images and our new commercial video! We kindly ask for some understanding that the website is still under construction. As long as we’re still in process of finalizing , we kindly ask our Finnish and Swedish speaking guests to use the old website.

Click here to get to our old website.

Beside the rebranding we work hard on location to build new attractions and preparing a lot of new activities for your stay on Mossala. As long as we’re working hard to prepare an unforgettable season, we like to show you our new commercial! For any information feel free to write us an email.



We will start the season with our restaurant and bar opening party! For all events of the year check our events calendar!