Booking request / Varauspyyntö / Bokningsförfrågan

I have read the terms of the reservation / Olen lukenut varaus- ja peruutusehdot / Jag har läst villkoren för bokningen

Make sure that you use the booking form or send us an email. SMS is not a legitimate way of making a valid reservation/cancellation.

Varmista, että käytät varauslomaketta tai lähetä meille sähköpostia. SMS ei ole oikeutettu tapa tehdä voimassa oleva varaus / peruutus.

Se till att du använder bokningsformuläret eller skicka ett mail till oss. SMS är inte ett legitimt sätt att göra en giltig bokning / avbokning.


  • The Premium Lodge #6 is our favorite accommodation so far. After leaving Turku and bicycline the Ring Route, the lodge was most comfortable, almost luxurious. We also enjoyed an outstanding sauna with a cold water plunge in the sea before dinner. This was a great massage for the sore muscles! And finally, the host and kitchen bar/cook planned/prepared a fresh flavourful and delicious dinner of salmon toast and chicken salad. Thank you for all the wonderful hospitality!

    Jack Reynolds , USA

  • A very pleasant stay and would definitely return there again! Very relaxed, very clean and I've seen northern lights which was one of the most intense experience of my life.


  • Enjoyed a 2 night stay at this wonderful resort. We were on a motorcycle trip on Saariston Rengastie and decided to stay another night because of the cozy atmosphere.

    Marc Metzler , Germany