Watersport activities around Mossala Island Resort

On Mossala we offer a great variety of activities. Beside relaxing on the beach, at the marina, on the terrace of the restaurant or in a hammock between the trees, we offer you so much more. A lot of action with sports like windsurfing, Stand-up-Paddling, kitesurfing or kayak. You decide what you like to do. We offer the playground and some SUPs and kayaks to have fun on the water!

“Let your mind and your soul take a rest to charge your batteries for the whole year”


Stand-up-Paddling or just SUP is a quickly growing sport which is famous all over the world. Well we don’t have waves on Mossala but with our SUP’s you get to know an amazing way of discovering the shallow coastline of Mossala. In harmony with mother nature combined with Yoga or as a rowing regatta the SUP offers you amazing possibilities on the water. Alone or together with your family. An awesome experience at Mossala Island Resort!

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We offer a wide range of boats that you can hire for fishing and your trip around the islands. Beside the boats we also have some Kayak’s and SUP’s for you daily dose of fun.

Whether you visit us to fish or just enjoying our place, you can hire a boat or a kayak. In all of our boats there is oars, anchors and bailers. When you hire a boat, remember the life jackets.

If you bring your own boat, you are welcome to arrive in our harbour!

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Windsurfing between the islands around Mossala Island Resort is an amazing experience. Check out our amazing spots and enjoy windsurfing on the baltic sea.

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Kitesurfing at Mossala Island Resort is one of the most breathtaking kite experience you ever had. 20.000 island around giving you the possibility to finde your own secret spot. Super flat water behind little islands welcome you for an kitesurfsession you’ll never forget. Brazil, Philippines, Egypt? Finland is the spot to be!

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Kayaking is famous all over the world. Discovering the water around our beautiful island will give you new fascinating perspectives . In harmony with mother nature you will have an amazing time on the water.

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